Wrecked & Wasted History

The origins of Wrecked and Wasted can be traced back to 2008 when West Dunbartonshire council launched the Wrecked part of the project to help improve the knowledge young people in the community.

The first steps to the present day campaign saw Y Sort-It holding yearly main events to highlight the Wrecked aspects through the holding of discos which were used to promote the fact that you could still go on a night out and have the same amount of fun without having to consume alcohol.

As the campaign gained momentum there became a vision to branch out to cover the misuse of Drugs and to try and educate the young people about the dangers of these. In order to reach a wider audience there was established the first Wrecked website in 2010 that allowed for a secondary avenue for people looking for information in regards to finding out various information in regards to alcohol and its potential misuse.

In 2011 the flagship Battle of the Bands (BOB) event for the now Wrecked and Wasted campaign was launched and saw several bands uploading a single track to a new and separate website that was designed to allow people to listen to and choose which bands would take part in the finals to crown a BOB champion.

The event was a massive success and as such there is now an established event for the Wrecked and Wasted campaign which is continued to grow in popularity which can only allow the main message of the campaign to spread further and help more and more people.

Battle of the Bands History

A brief history of the Wrecked and Wasted initiatives flagship annual event held for bands from all over the West Dunbartonshire area.....

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Alcohol Facts

Some interesting facts on several of the most popular alcoholic beverages available today and their varying effects on men and women.....

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Effects on the Body

Find out information on the effects some of the more prevalent drugs in society can have on various parts of your body. It may make you think twice...... Click here to read more

Wrecked & Wasted Spotlight Event
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Wrecked and Wasted Music video - Christmas Message

We hope you enjoy our Christmas video message and that you all have a Happy and responsible time over the festive period.
For more info on our video check out the press release that was issued in connection to the video by clicking here to see the main Y Sort-It news section.

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