The hard Facts of Alcohol and what it can do

Alcohol & Mens Health

“90% of British men enjoy a drink” (

Apart from the problem of infertility, sexual dysfunction and uncontrollable ejaculation, excess alcohol can affect male’s health in other ways. Appearance, for example we have all heard of the term ‘ Beer Belly’ , and with one pint of beer containing between 200 and 300 calories it is easy to see how the ‘Beer Belly’ can develop. Still on appearance, excess drinking can affect the skin causing inflamed red bumps and pus spots.

Alcohol & Womens Health

“86% of British women enjoy a drink”(

Pregnancy:  miscarriage, still birth, premature birth weight and low birth weight have all been associated with mothers binge drinking. (

Drinking can cause abnormal development in the womb and make it harder if your trying for a baby. (

Unit Content:

Buckfast ( 1 bottle) - 11.3units
Strongbow (3 litre bottle) - 14.5 units
Frosty Jack Cider ( 3 litre bottle) - 21.5 units
White Lightening ( 3 litre bottle) - 22.5 units
Lambrini ( 1 bottle) - 5.6
Budweiser ( 1 bottle) - 2 units
WKD  ( 1 bottle) - 2 units
Bacardi Breezer ( 1 bottle) - 2 units
Smirnoff Ice ( 1 bottle) - 2 units
Miller (1 bottle) - 1.7 units

46% of young people drink lager or cider, 45% of young people drink Buckfast and 60% of young people drink spirits.

The number of units in a drink is related to the strength of the alcohol and the volume of the drink.

Alcoholic drinks range in strength and are measured as a percentage per volume, therefore the higher the percentage the stonger the effect.

The harmful effects of drinking are therefore almost entirely related to the alcohol content of what you drink not the type of drink. For example, alcopops are no safer than spirits.

The Government also recommend we have 2 – 3 alcohol free days a week.

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