Do you really know what Alcohol can do to your cash flow

Do you really know the cost of a night out; and we are not talking about the possible hangovers and embarrassing stories, no we are talking cold hard cash.

Well here are just a few figures that are worth looking at and may help you decide that only one or two pints are enough and not go for four, five or six like you might do on occasion.


1 pint of beer equals on average £2.50 in a Scottish Pub.

2 beers = £5 or a quick but nice lunch or even light dinner

6 beers = £15 or a a night to the cinema with snack

18 beers = £45 or a ps3 or xbox top title computer game

36 beers = £90 or a new coat

74 beers = £185 or a return flight to Paris and a hotel for at least a night


Now admittedly you will not drink 74 beers in one night but spread over the month this can range from about 2 beers a day or 9 beers on a Saturday and another 9 throughout the week so its easy to see where a possible 74 beers in a month can come from.

No one is saying you should stop drinking if you are of the age to and enjoy it responsibly, but by simply cutting down your intake to an amount that is manageable you could end up saving yourself anything from a computer game too a cheap flight to somewhere in Europe.

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