Effects of Alcohol on the variuos parts of the Human body

The Morning After

Dehydration and the loss of vitamins and minerals, the headache and that awful hangover feeling kicks in, with those famous words “I am never drinking again”, sound familiar?

Hangover Headache

Alcohol is a diuretic, so you’ve been peeing non stop, but your liver needs that water to help rid the toxins in your body. So the liver is forced to use water from other organs including the brain, the result a throbbing headache.

I’ve got the shakes” but why?

Drinking excess alcohol results in high levels of glucose in the blood. The bodies’ natural response to this is to increase insulin production which removes glucose from the blood. However once this process has started, insulin carries on removing glucose from the blood. This results in low blood glucose levels making you feel faint, dizzy, tired and shaking.

The Infamous Munchies – “ Chips and cheese please !”

So it is 3.00am you’re a bit worse for wear, cant really walk straight not to mention you can’t feel your feet those new heels are killing. Your in luck a taxi pulls up BUT you cant go home yet , you need your chipa and cheese, but why?

The same reason you have got the shakes, your blood sugar is low and so your body is craving a carbohydrate boost, and for most of us that does not mean some toast before bed but whatever the greasy chip shop or kebab shop are making us.

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