Effects of Alcohol on the various parts of the Human body

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The Heart:
Alcohol in the body causes your heart to beat faster!! Long term drinking and heavy alcohol consumption is linked with weakness of the heart muscle.
(Academy of medical science, 2004)

The Kidneys:
The kidneys keep the amount of water in your body constant, until alcohol is involved. Alcohol is a diuretic , encouraging the body to lose more water than it takes in, hence the frequent need to go to the toilet. Not to mention the dehydration and hangover the next day.

The Lungs:
Alcohol in the blood travels to your lungs, to be exhaled from your body. That is why the morning after some people smell like a cocktail of last night’s alcohol and this morning’s toothpaste. Lovely!!!

The Liver:
The liver is responsible for breaking down alcohol, metabolising one unit per hour. If you drink faster than your liver can get rid then alcohol levels in your body. As anyone who has ended up throwing up in a public toilet knows, our bodies can only handle limited amounts of alcohol.


Alcohol increases blood flow to the skin giving you that “appealing” sweaty look.

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