Alcohol & Calories

Calorie Count

1. Buckfast ( 1 bottle) - 750 kcal
2. Lambrini ( 1 bottle) - 414 kcal
3. Pint of Lager - 200 kcal – 300kcal
4. Pint of Cider - 180 kcal – 250kcal
5. Bottle of Wine - 510 kcal – 550kcal
6. Bottle of Budweiser - 227 kcal
7. Bottle of WKD - 228 kcal
8. Bacardi Breezer - 180 kcal
9. Smirnoff Ice - 176 kcal
10. Red Square - 200 kca

Alcohol is high in calories, with a small glass of wine containing the same calorie content as a slice of cake, and with a pint of lager containing the equivalent to a burger.

A survey the Department of Health, 2009 revealed the average wine drinker consumes 2000 extra calories each month, over the year that’s the equivalent of eating 184 bags of crisps or 38 roast beef dinners.

Adding 3 or 4 units per day to your diet would lead you to an increase of four pounds a month, equivalent to three stone and six pounds over the year.

Increasing your alcohol consumption and therefore you calorie intake can often lead to weight gain as 1 ml of alcohol is equivalent to seven calories almost as high as pure fat at nine calories per gram.

Drinking alcohol decreases the amount of fat your body burns for energy and is frequently associated with obesity.

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