Alcohol & Your Mental  Wellbeing

Alcohol is a depressant that affects brain activity and in small doses may make you feel relaxed, confident and happy. But as you drink more these feelings can change to anger, anxiety and even depression.

Drinking 8 to 10 units a day over an extended time results in some mental inefficiency. This is especially important for young adolescents as the human brain is still in the process of development until the age of 18 / 19. In teenagers who regularly drink alcohol, parts of the brain important in planning and emotional control have been found to be smaller than expected. (

Almost a third (30%) of people in the UK drink to ‘forget their problems’.
However, alcohol is only a short term solution; problems will still be there in the morning and may seem worse with a hangover.

One American study showed that people who begin drinking before 15 are four times more likely to be dependant on alcohol.

Self harm and alcohol are often linked, a 2006 survey by (NHS Scotland, 2007) of Scottish Accident and Emergency self harm patients found, 62% of male and 50% of females reported consuming alcohol before or while harming.

Alcohol & Suicide

Sadly, some people feel that suicide is the only way to solve their problems.

One study of suicide victims aged 12 – 19 found that almost three quarters (70%) had a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

There are avenues of help in regards to the above and if you are suffering from either Mental Health issues or suicidal tendencies you do not have to suffer alone as there is help available from many different organizations - Alcoholics anonymous being just one. Please checkout the various websites that are available in the links option in the navigation and remember you do not have to suffer in silence or alone there is always someone there to help.

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