Effects that alcohol can have on your relationships

Whether you fancy an evening in with a takeaway and the telly, or a night out at a nice restaurant, a glass of wine can help you and your partner feel more relaxed and sociable. Drink too much however, and you could find your night ruined by a booze-fuelled fights that neither of you really want. Late-night disagreements may often be resolved in the morning, but they can grow into relationship-threatening resentments.

Lower inhibitions

So why does alcohol encourage couples to start rowing?
Alcohol works on the brain to lower our inhibitions. The lowering of inhibitions can make you accidentally let slip that you hate your partners or friends new hairstyle, or find you flirting with that sexy bar worker between rounds and this can result in some unpleasant results if you’re not supposed to be doing those sorts of things.

Alcohol and aggression

The flipside to the feel-good state that alcohol can create are the angry moods that may start to appear after you've drunk too much. Scientists have linked aggression to the consumption of too much alcohol so it’s not surprising that you’re more likely to argue after drinking.
More worryingly, scientists have also identified a strong link between alcohol and domestic violence.

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