Welcome to the Battle of the Bands info page. This area is to let you know a little about the background on what has become a corner-stone and annual event for the Wrecked and Wasted campaign in the last two years.

The Battle of the Bands (B.O.B) was originally set up as a one off event in mid to late 2011 to allow musicians in the West Dunbartonshire area to fight it out to be crowned the Wrecked and Wasted B.O.B champion. The concept was fairly straight-forward in that bands would submit a single track to the main B.O.B website and from here people would vote to see who would progress to the main finals and fight it out to be crowned champion and also receive some fantastic prizes.

The submission and voting phase ran for approximately one month and at the end of that time (after whittling out the cheat votes ... naughty naughty) the finalists were announced.
The main gig night its-self was held in Cheers nightclub in Dunbarton and was a fantastic success raising awareness for the the campaign and seeing the local band Hot Rails (click here to see the archived press release)

Due to the overwhelming success of the event it was decided to hold the B.O.B the following year making it the first Wrecked and Wasted campaign annual event.

The second year saw an even bigger response and as such the format was altered slightly from the prior year. This time after a phase of submissions and voting the final bands were split into two individual heat nights taking place in the cheers night club and the Base Randnor Park hotel. Both heats were hugely entertaining and allowed for overall finalists to be chosen. The final champions of the 2012 campaign were veterans of the first event and they were Play Dead who won fantastic prizes including studio time etc. (click here to see the archived press release)

With the B.O.B now established the next one can only get better and to find out all the future news on the B.O.B event please keep an eye on the events page here and also the main Y Sort-It web page (www.ysortit.com)

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Wrecked & Wasted Spotlight Event
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Wrecked and Wasted Music video - Christmas Message

We hope you enjoy our Christmas video message and that you all have a Happy and responsible time over the festive period.
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