Effects of Alcohol on the various parts of the Human body

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The Stomach:
Twenty percent of alcohol consumed is absorbed by your stomach lining; therefore drinking on an empty stomach is not good! The less food or no food, the quicker alcohol will arrive in your blood stream!

The Small Intestine:
Eighty percent of alcohol consumed is absorbed in the small intestine, reducing the absorption of water and salts back into the body often resulting in Diarrhoea.

The Pancreas:
Pancreatitis caused by heavy drinking, where the pancreas becomes inflamed and cells are damaged causing abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. One in five cases are serious with 25% of people who develop severe pancreatitis dying.

The Brain:
Alcohol is a depressant which impairs our central nervous system, causing the symptoms of being drunk, including : balance, slurred speech, blurred vision, excess sweating and dulling of our pain sensation. In other words you wake up in the morning with skint knees and no memory of falling over! Sound Familiar!!

So hows your frontal cortex on a Saturday night?

The outer part of the brain known as the frontal cortex is responsible for our conscious thought processes, under the influence of alcohol this is affected and so we lose all inhibitions. You know the time when you sang on the karaoke or entered yourself for a pub challenge? It all seems so good at the time , not so good when your pictures are on social media sites for all to see.

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